Monday, April 2, 2012

Vijaya and Wakketa's cubs

I was really busy since last few weeks but in all this time I had some good opportunities to see these tigers. Wakeeta's cubs are about an year old now. She is loosing the prey base density in her territory. Sometimes she leaves her cubs for four five days in a row. In the meantime the cubs start looking for small game to kill their hunger. On other day these three cubs killed a spotted deer fawn and shared. I think it must have been the job of female cub. That's why the one male never got any meat. Poor fellow was struggling with legs and head.
One male cub and his female sibling spent their time together while the other male is always elusive.

Vijaya's cubs are about 6 months old now. She is also having the same problem as Wakeeta. I think they know's better than us about their territory and food availability in their area. She has still not moved her cubs to the Chakradhara meadow. She takes them for a round and comes back to the shade of Jamunia and Chorbehra. No tiger is active in Chakradhara and Rajbehra. This will provide a good chance of survival to all these fawns born in last three months. By the next rutting season in July this year there will be good population of Spotted deer in these meadows. Rajbehra still needs some positive work to be done. 
Daming Charanganga at Jamunia and in Chakradhara meadow has already produced the results. Brown fish owl, Woolly Necked Stork, Black Ibis and Lesser Adjutant are back in meadow. This is a good sign. Hope they do the same thing in Rajbehra meadow.     

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