Sunday, October 16, 2011

Giant Wood Spider and Grass Demon.

We enter the park from Magadhi gate. Now Magadhi gate tourists don't have to go to main gate. magadhi entry is done from wireless office near the interpretation center. Approach road to Magadhi gate is a pain. I have never seen that road that bad in last 32 yrs of my life in Bandhavgarh. If you want to enter the park in time from Bhadrashila gate than keep 30 minutes in hand to reach the gate and do the paperwork. I think there should not be any entry booking in the morning. Entry form should be deposited on previous afternoon so all this job is done in the evening itself so the verification can be done quickly and tourists enter the park in time.
In-fact this will make things easier for all.
Our vehicle was 9th to enter the park. We were not expecting much except few good photos of anything.
Giant Wood Spiders were every where. 
Grasses were tall. Sal trees did not look happy in some areas especially around Sukhi dam. There must have been some moth which attacked these. Some of the Sal trees were growing new leaves. 
A tigress was seen at Dadra Junction. Elephants followed her for sometime but she climbed the hill. Kuttappan Mahavat said She is Kankati's sister. Kuttappan is going to be very elusive in the jungle after Feb 2012. Kuttappan was complaining about his agency that they don't send him any sell statement any more. Last he heard from his photo agency was 4-5 yrs back.
He lost his business to all those photographers to whom he took on his elephant for Tiger photography and to the latest technology.
We saw a spider hanging under her molted skin. She was very motionless. we thought she is dead and killed by male spiders as two male were hanging around her. Later we realised that she molted her skin and injured herself in the process.
At home was even better news. After breakfast when we were walking in the garden I saw an unusual butterfly. Grass Demon.
We never saw it before here in Bandhavgarh since we started looking for butterflies in mid 90's.

Monday, October 3, 2011


This morning 3rd October a calf was killed by a tiger near petrol station on main road. By the time I reached there majority of pugmarks were wiped out. Villagers saved two pugmarks but it was difficult to asses the sex of the tiger by those pugmarks. Some people saw tiger killing calf at 0430 in the morning (Have to believe them). He must have been disturbed. He did not ate any portion of this calf and while going away from the spot he hit barbed wire.People were telling me the route he took to reach the spot etc etc.
It was the case of tala village so regular forest deppt made the case for compensation.
A female tiger was seen on main road near Siddhbaba, later elephants were monitoring her presence. Her brother was seen near Ranchha village. So all is well here.