Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tigers in Bandhavagrh

This is not a complete list for Bandhavgarh but what we are writing here is authentic information as on today. Figures can be more than this but not less. What is being seen in last few months in Bandhavgarh  by Tourists, Forest staff and villagers and mostly photographed are12 females and 13 male Tigers. One can check the individual tiger on www.tigernation.org. This is a kind of weird ratio. I think all those who love figures will love this. So far we saw total 9 cubs in the park and according to our photographs 7 are male. Another interesting data for data lovers.  

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SoumyaBanerjee said...

And the 25 tigers are from Tala,Magdhi and Khitauli zones only,i suppose?? And the tigers of the reserve zone and Panpatha are lesser individuals, i suppose,because they dont turn up for tour operators and hence are not given glamorous names like "Shaki","Wakeeta",etc????