Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Territorial fight in Cats.

Male cats try to avoid physical fight. They will do that only when one is confident enough to over power the other one but female always challenge each other and never hesitate to charge.
Male cats may fight only once to decide their superiority but female fights are always very decisive. 
Most of the solitary cats have very similar behaviour.
In Bandhavgarh there is only one record of a female killed by another female for territory is of Lakshmi killed by Vijya.  

Female Tigers

Since last few months we are hearing that a tigress walked about 250 km to find the mate and her territory.
It can happen but with lots of odds.
A female cub becomes sexually matured long before a male cub from same litter.
Female cub hardly finds any competitor in her mothers territory. She starts hunting independently long before her other male siblings so some times male sibling follow her for the food.
In normal wild conditions a female cub forms her territory right next to her mother and her first mate , most of the time, is her own father. Sometimes they sandwich themselves between their mother and another females territory. (observed in Bandhavgarh)
There are rumors that a male and a female Tiger walked to Sanjay Dubri from Bandhavgarh. No photo record is posted by anyone to prove this claim.
If a male and a female Tigers are there from Bandhavgarh means they must have gone from High density area of Tala range. 
This story proves that there is no safe habitat available for Tigers between Bandhavgarh and Sanjay Dubri.
These two cases where a tigress walked 250 km and other one from Bandhavgarh to Sanjay Dubri proves that habitat outside of Protected areas is not habitable for Tigers.  
How we are going to improve this buffer zone for wildlife with ongoing increasing human population is a question for which no one has any answer in this country.