Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Domestic stray Dogs.

There is a big hue and cry about the cruelty against these dogs. It's like human rights issue in Britain where most of the British dont agree. Same over here. Most of the wildlifers don't agree with these rights for dogs.
Anyway here is the truth.
Whole area of Bandhavgarh national park is surrounded by villages. Most of the villagers owns a dog or feed them when needed. These dogs follow them in the jungle in Mahua, Tendu and Chironji season or at the times when they are entering the park for collecting fodder or firewood. They do provide some sort of protection to them and at the same time gets the habit of chasing deer.
This habit push them deep in the forest in search of a meal. 
I saw it happening twice in last few days.
We were coming back from Magadhi zone. We saw two dogs  chasing a Sambhar deer and fawn in Thauni meadow. Don't know the outcome of this incident because Sambhar ran away in forest while dogs were still chasing them.
Other incident was at Gohni gate where two dogs were chasing a Spotted Deer. Two village boys saved his life.
 Yesterday when we were in Khitauli zone first thing we saw was a pack of village dogs looking for deers.
This was about 4 kilometer inside the forest. These dogs must have 
followed their Masters in the jungle and left them unprotected.
These dogs must have been killing the deer everyday in the jungle otherwise they would not enter the park area. 
Big question is How to save wildlife from them?
Other question is Do we need them?


Dr Rahul said...

Hello Mr Satyendra,
I am a regular reader of your blog. and it has always excited me.i have visited bandhavgarh only twice in 2008 and 2010 but still i try to keep myself updated on whats happening there and your blog contributes alot. thaks a lot and keep up the good work.. A lot has changed in Bandhavgarh over these 2 years ..lot of new tigers.. B2 is gone.. Now its Shashi in Tourism zone.. Heard alot about new tiger in Magdhi called Blue eyed male and about new mahaman male... No news about Bokha lately or About Kallu.. and few more.. Becoming really confusing whats actually happening.. But seeing all this i guess bandhavgarh is booming with tigers.. Hope to be there soon sometime to see it myself and Looking forward to your blog for a lot more..
D Rahul A

Satyendra Tiwari said...

Sorry for a very late reply.
Bokha is seen but he is pushed by all these young males. He is in his last lag of his life.
Please meet whenever you r here.

Dr Rahul said...

Nice to receive your reply Mr Satyendra. would surely like to meet you whenever i am there. Nothing has been finalised yet.Can I have your Contact?.
Dr Rahul