Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tiger Photography

Last month a top notch British Wildlife Photographer asked another top notch fellow photographer about the best place to Photograph Tigers in India. His reply was Those days are gone!

I fully agree with him. Last year I read on Toft the experience of watching tigress and cubs in Ranthambhore where drivers refuse to move close to the tigress. I wish it could happen here. At one time Bandhavgarh was very good. People use to respect each others presence at the spot but now in this business competition nobody cares for others. I and my guests ( one Botanist from Natural History Museum London and two people from travel industry U.K.) decided to stay back if this tiger comes out of the forest. I thought to give him enough space to feel free on the road. She growled twice so we knew which way she is moving. I parked myself far away from the expected spot of his appearance. She appeared at the right spot. Guide and I saw her and pointed it to our guests. By the time I could realise what is happening three jeeps, waiting 50 mtrs behind me, just rushed right infront of her to give their clients a very close view of the tiger. They didn't leave any option for me except to follow them and park behind them otherwise my guests will not have even a glimpse of the tiger. I stood on y seat to take minimum one photo for the record so we can identify the Tiger.

Nothing will change untill unless the drivers are controlled by the tourists themselves but how it can happen when tourist pats driver and guide on the back for showing them a beautiful tiger from that close quarter.

Yes I agree that those days are gone.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Photoshop Technique

Today when I came back home I found an email waiting for me from one of my friend complaining about my pictures. His main complaint was that my pictures are not brightly clean! After reading that I thought I must clerify my position. I do not like to play with my photos on computer. I dont sharpen them and dont do any other touching work or adding or removing of objects. I just adjust the curve and levals, thats all. I do only that much what my agency allows me to do. Sharpening the image on computer is full NO-NO for me.
There may be my other friends with similar questions in their mind so this is my answer. By the way you would like to see this image that is coming on the front cover on a book.
Copy it and paste it to see a leaping Tiger.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tiger Show

This is a news for many many people in the country. Some may feel winners on this and some loosers.
Anyway, I confirm it with the guide and Drivers and they said yes it is started and today was the first Tiger show of the season in Tala range at Mirchhani area.