Monday, April 2, 2012


I remember the enthusiasm I had about our festivals in my childhood days but later in my life I lost the interest in all these festivals. Now since last thirty five years I don't celebrate any festival except Rakshabandhan that too only because that's the day when we all siblings are at home together. At the time of my son's marriage last year when Pandit called me my uncle (Mama) assured him that why waste time on him he wont come and he wont do your this puja. His other sentence was I know him since his childhood. He's more interested in Panjeeree than your Katha. He was very much right and I proved him right. After the marriage when they both came to me I told them that Now you both are eligible for Divorce. A couple who was living together since last few years gets married only for societies  customs to make life easy.
Anyway I come back to the point what I wanted to say here. 
Yesterday there were less than 50 people, can't describe them as pilgrims, at Tala gate for fort visit. One fellow who came from Dindori told me that he came to see the Ramnavmi mela here. So he was here more for some entertainment than any religious reasons. Now at the time of Mahua collection and wheat thrashing people has set their priorities. They want to earn their living. That's the priority. There was no local person in that crowd from Tala village. About 8-10 people were sitting with Kabir temple priest means they may be Kabir followers too.

Anyway. Vijaya with her cubs decided to sit near the road at Gopalpur. Park authorities could not dare to allow the pilgrimage. How they can when a Tigress with her very curious cubs is sitting near the road. Hence this year courtesy Vijaya no one could visit the fort temple. Poor Priest at the fort temple lost some assured income this year.  ( People seen in this picture are the total number of people came for Ramnavmi pilgrimage)

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