Thursday, August 29, 2013

Janmashtami in Bandhavgarh.

As usual like all other years we thought to visit park on Janmashatmi along with all other pilgrims. This year they stopped people going with camera so we went up till the gate and didn't see any point in going in the park without camera.

Why Janmashatmi the birth day of Lord Krishna is celebrated here at the fort is beyond my imagination. Why people goes all the way to Fort temple when there is no statue of Lord Krishna there? It has become a routine now.
We don't see many pilgrims here in this crowd. Majority of them are below 35 yrs of age and not carrying any kind of Puja material. remark of a forest official.
Just to make a check on litter last year they stopped people carrying any Puja material in the park saying there is no Statue of Lord Krishna there so if you have to offer it do it here in this temple. Same tradition carried on this year. According to forest deptt record 9491 people went till 1000 AM later they had to allow some without pass. So even if we count 9491 figure that many people did not visit any of the temple in the park and nor out side.
A lady forest employee in her dress was collecting polythene and other litter thrown by these pilgrims and believe it or not she worked for half the day collecting litter only in 100 mtr long area. People were watching her collecting litter and even than they were throwing it on ground. It looks as we have lost the respect for workers?  
Janmashatmi celebration has become more like a fair in the village. Shops are pitched on both side of park road selling toys, artificial jewellary, bangles and fruits. Now everyone is offering their prayers outside of the park then department should try to stop these things slowly slowly. 
 We were told that camera's are not allowed in the park and later in the evening I saw all sorts of photographs of the park on internet. Why make such rules that are not going to be obeyed by everyone. My major interest yesterday was to look for some new grasses or flowers in the park. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tiger fighting ID Confirmed.

First I thought to correct the last blog then I found this as easier solution to say only a line. It's ID is confirmed. It's Jobi male who fought with Blue Eye. No shoulder stripe and no stripe on right foreleg is one easy identification of Jobi in field. So P11 is absent from the area.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Tiger fight in Bandhavgarh

I am extremely sorry for not writing here since last 50 days. There was nothing much happening either. I been to Laddakh. A very simple trip. Nothing extraordinary except one or two landscape shots and few of Himalayan Marmot.
Bandhavgarh also looks very calm in monsoon but it is not. Many activities takes place in the night where no one to witness. 
Monsoon is the season for rain and for rumours. Rumour, that report of unverified or doubtful truth. But rumour often dont have any truth here. Since last few days I am hearing that a Tiger is being hit by some vehicle in the park even a newspaper report suggests that.

News paper says that Blue Eye is not being seen since last 4 days. The condition in which Blue Eye presently have, he should not be seen for few more weeks. According to Forest deptt he had a fight with another Tiger and in that fight he got injured on his face. He lost a chunk of meat from his face above his right eye. If that is the case than there must be some more canine marks on his face and those canine marks can not heal easily. He must be sitting in some dark hole away from flies, licking his wounds. The other Tiger who fought with him is either P11, Shashi's brother or Jobi male. He also got few marks on face. What people talk about Lakshmi's male cub as new male is rubbish. People just dont have any record of these Tigers and they say anything just to be over smart. Lakshmi's male is no where in Tala range. Kim Sullivan saw this Tiger In April and her pictures do not match with Lakshmi's male cub.
Now other thing happening is Tigress killing cow in Kachhaua village. A heavily pregnant cow wandering in jungle close to village delivers a calf. Some Jackal saw this. Their, Jackal, presence and noise in the area attracted the attention of Tigress. Tigress killed the cow and walked away with newly born calf in his mouth. First night she finished the calf then she protected her other kill of mother cow. This was a great loss for the villager and at the same time a great gain for tigress. Yesterday there were more than 5 thousand people making noise in the village and today only ten. Tigress was not seen today around the village but at about 0730 PM her growling were heard again.
Why tigers incline more towards cattle lifting in monsoon?