Sunday, April 29, 2012


To tell you the truth that this was my first visit to Khitauli this season.  Dust and the crowd keeps me away from Magadhi and Khitauli will take another 4-5 years to grow.
Garhpuri, Parasi and another village behind Parasi are the major drawback in Khitauli as far as the wildlife is concern but how they can be drawback. After seeing life in Garhpuri and Bamera no one would like to shift from there. I wont.
There are few good places in Khitauli but lack of water bodies and road network makes it difficult for tourism.
Our main aim to visit Khitauli was to see Damdama female.
Khitauli has a very upcoming forest. Forest that I remember in Bandhavgarh in 1982. Small sapling like trees with dry grass and hardly any undergrowth. Deer gathering near waterhole and feeding where ever the monkeys are.
We had no clue about this area that where this tigress can be so we decided to wait at one place and spent the morning in listening the alarm calls. Our dividends paid. After half an hour we heard first alarm call of a monkey and seconds later Chital started getting mad. This was the time to move because this Tigress is moving towards Deers.

What we saw. About 30 deer looking at three tigers.
After finishing their drinks they all moved in to the jungle.
Thats it. What else we could expect. Nothing at this time of the day. Guide said there is hardly any time left to wait for any other animal so head back to home.    

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