Thursday, September 29, 2011

Brick kiln in Tala village.

Not a single person in this village Tala of district Umaria opposes the destruction of forest through various ways by villagers. 
I found Brick Kilns are the biggest destroyer of habitat for Tigers around Tala village of Bandhavgarh Ntl Park. 
I was simply writing the letters to different authorities since last 10-12 years. I was supported by many prominent people in India like Mr Asad Rehmani, Bombay Natural History Society wrote a letter to authorities few months back but that too could not stop these Brick Kilns.
Some one suggested me to try so I did that too. Today I  submitted a petition with more than 600 signatures  to District Collector Umaria for action, as he is the sole authority of the district.
Apart from that I wrote another letter about those brick kilns. Which I am pasting below.
Please read.

To,                                                                                                  Date 28/09/2011
The Collector
District Umaria
M.P. 484661
Subject :- Regarding Brick kilns in village Tala
Dear Sir,
I am writing this letter with a request to stop brick kilns using firewood in Tala village.
There are folowing reasons for to stop these brick kilns in village premises.
1. Loss of Agricultural Land -  They use top soil of Agriculutural land. This makes land infertile for a good production of any food crop resulting reduction in food grain production in the country where growing  human population needs more food for the survival.
2. Loss of Forest - All these Brick kilns are for commercial use but they dont use COMMERCIAL FUEL for commercial activity but instaead they use firewood to fire the brick kilns. This firewood is brought from nearby forest, sometimes in the shape of timber.
3. Loss of Animals Corridor - This collection of firewood is affecting the nearby forest of Tala village which acts as a Buffer zone and corridor for the animals of Tala range of Bandhavgarh National Park. In last twenty years I have seen the forest disappearing from surroundings of Tala village.
4.  Loss of Fruit Crop - Smoke that comes out of Brick kilns is Carbon mono Oxide thats more harmful to human and plant life than Carbon di Oxide. All the fruit plants in the radius of 500 meters of any Brick kiln looses a major share of their crop. In flowering season Bees and other insects avoid these fruit trees for pollination due to heat. Brick kilns raise the temperature of the immediate surroundings by  4-5 degrees. This sudden burst in the temperature and constant blow of hot wind force pollinating insects to avoid these trees at a crucial time. This means less pollination less crop so farmers affects directly by this. 
My request is that these brick kilns needs to be out of village premises. These brick kilns are destroying the forest by using firewood. When they all are selling these bricks commercially than they should use commercial fuel for firing the brick kiln.
Brick kiln season is about to start so May I request you to please look in to the matter to do the needful.
Yours Sincerely.

Satyendra Tiwari
Post and Village Tala
 Distt. Umaria.
M.P. 484661  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Monsoon is a good time for butterflies watchers. We saw approximately 40 different species in our garden since July to September this year.