Thursday, November 27, 2014

White Tiger Safari in Mukundpur

The white tiger was caught by Martand Singh on May 27, 1951 from Sidhi district's Bargadi forest area and later the animal was brought to Govindarh Palace in Rewa from where it escaped the very next day and then again found in Mukundpur area about 26-27 km away from Rewa. 

Mohan then remained in the area for over two decades and its progenies spread gradually to other parts of the world, Shukla said. 

"Though its progenies made their home in different parts of the world and zoos, they were found in their place of origin till 1976 only," he said. 

"Now, the white tigers would roar again in the area after nearly 40 years once the safari would begins," the minister said. 

The zoological park already existing in Mukundur will now be known as "Mukundpur Zoo and Mohan White Tiger Safari" while the breeding centre will be named after Maharaja Martand Singh, he said. 

Madhya Pradesh 'Madhyam' will also exhibit the entire history of white tigers at the Safari to abreast the visitors about its origin and how it was first found in the forest area near here by then Maharaja Martand Singh. 

Construction in Bandhavgarh.

While going through my old papers I found a small piece of paper that says wastage of public money.
In year 2005-06 a Gents and Ladies Public Toilets were constructed at Bathan Camp.
They were used by tourists only for three months i.e. april to june 2006.
In that year park was closed in July aug Sept. When it opened again in October 2006 then people saw that they were demolished.
So if they were going to be demolished only after 3 months then why they were constructed?
This shows that there is no long term planning in forest department and nor they have any check on construction.