Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Another great Day in the Park.

Another great day in the Park. It was our annual day to be in the park. It has become a habit or a ritual that we have to be in the park on certain days in the year. Munmun and Mahi skip the school to be in the park this morning. Some function in the village did not let us go to sleep till over midnight so waking up early in the morning was little difficult. Munmun joined us and Mahi's excuse was "I was in deep sleep and didn't feel like getting up."
By the time we enter the park most of the vehicles rushed pass the Chakradhara meadow. There was no sign of Shashi or Vijaya or of their cubs. Yesterday afternoon he was seen lazing near water at Bathan Junction and today no sign or pug-marks of him on the road. So where he spent the night? His lady is also not around, where he can go and share a meal. So where is he? we left the meadow with his thought and decided to check the Gopalpur.

Gopalpur never disappoints us. Few Lesser Adjutants were feeding in shallow water. A peacock was displaying to impress a female feeding nearby but, as usual, she didn't took any notice of him. Poor chap was still wasting his energy. Sometimes hope is bigger than the god. 
Yesterday Hariom brought a very good video of a Nightjar sitting roadside at Sitamandap. Darbari, our guide, suggested to check one that sits behind Badi Gufa. We thought that could be good.  

 And it was good.
There were so many alarm calls of Langur at vulture nest. Many tourist wasted there prime time listening to these calls while cubs were walking on opposite hill. Even the elephant did not find anything around Banbehi. 
By the time we came back to Chakradhara meadow Shashi was already gone. There were no owls in Charanganga either. It was too early for exit so Kay said let's us go to Vishnu. Munmun agreed.
There were few more tourists at Sheshshaiyya. While Munmun went to the statue, I photographed Caper flower. Suddenly Munmun shouted come come there is a tiger here. I rushed with my camera. Tej Pratap Guide was telling the old story of B2 at Sheshshaiyya seen 9 yrs back.
Vijay guide saw a Tiger cub walking in fire line. By the time we reached he sat behind the bamboo. Everyone was trying to see this cub through their binoc's or camera. Suddenly someone shouted he is coming in fire-line? No one knew from which direction he is coming so everyone fixed their eyes in fire-line and there he was. 

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