Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Temples of Kalchuri period in Umaria District

 Most of the Kalchuri period Temples in Umaria District are lying in Tala Range of Bandhavgarh National Park. There could be more than twenty temples in Tala Range. Except Sheshshaiyya none other temple is live means no idol or no regular prayer.

I have no knowledge about history of the rea or of the Kalchuri period. What I am doing is recording the position and condition of these temples.

Most famous temples in the District Jwalamukhi Temple Manpur and Manibagh Vishvnath temple.

Umaria district has a strong presence of Buddhism also.

I have seen only two temples on the bank of river Son Chaturbhuj Temple Masiraghat and Shiv Temple at Amiliya which has now turned to be Durga Temple like Jwalamukhi.

Jwalamukhi temple in Manpur have Vishnu statue and they have done the makeup of Kali on that Vishnu statue.

There are ruins of a Shiva temple are lying in Reusa village.

Patehra have some interesting statues and so the Bijhhariya temple is of Surya Devta but people worship him as Vishnu.

There are some interesting Shivling lying in private temples of Tikuritola.

There should be some more temples on Son River. If you have any info please inform.