Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Talking to Mr J J Dutta.

This is what I wrote in my diary about 5 years back.
Yes It is cosmetic.
Worst part of this conservation issue is that many park directors never takes it as a responsibility instead they treat it as a job . Only thing for which they are worried is about their career. That's the reason why many poaching cases never gets recorded in books.
Tigers disappeared from Sariska in thin air and not a single question was asked to the Field Director.
Naxalite has taken over almost all the reserves in Chhattisgarh and not a single Forest Officer dare to visit these N.P. or Sanctuary.
Our whole Wildlife Protection act needs to be rewritten, every single word of it.The time when it was written India had free logging and hunting. We did not ha enough quality forest. Mr J J Dutta retd PCCF told me in writing that when Bandhavgarh was given to GOVT OF M.P. there was a not a single quadruped of any sort was in sight in its boundaries. 
While talking about corridors he said How it is possible to have a corridor with constantly growing human population in those areas. We do not have any programm and resources to remove all those villages from corridor. How long we can keep on moving the villages.
The time of co habitation of human and wildlife is over. There should be some control on human population for sustainable living.