Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We set off for Kanha at about 0900 AM from Bandhavgarh. Reached Mandla at about 0100 PM to find out that road to Kanha is blocked by Kalash Yaatraa. No one knew about this festival. Someone from the crowd commented this is a part of next election otherwise in hindu calander Kumbh is not mentioned in Mandala??
Somehow we reached Singinawa by 1800 hours. Nand and Latika Rana runs this place with a style. Staff warned us about Leopard they saw near our room few days back. Spotted Deers and Wild Boares are every where around this place. If you are driving down from Baihar to Mukki then Singinawa is just after river Tannaur bridge and next to Buffer Zone of Kanha National Park. A very good place to stay for Wildlifers. Surroundings are full of birds and animals.
Mukki area in the park is coming up well. Lots of Barasingha but at this time we didn't saw many Gaur. Tiger sighting is good as they say but we didn't saw one. Kay needed to see one Tiger from the road but this didn't happen in 5 days we stayed in kanha.
I found Kisli area more drier than Mukki. Kanha meadows lost their charm. For me Kanha was very different than what I was expecting.