Monday, November 28, 2011

B2 aka Sundar

I was coming back from Ranchha via Garhpuri. When I reached Thauni meadow I heard some alarm calls. These alarm calls were so strong that i decided to stop and look at. I put my scooter aside of the road and stood on culvert for a better view. After few minutes I saw a tigress carrying a cub from left to right side of Thauni meadow. Constant alarm calls by Spotted Deer were showing her direction. I saw her walking back on the same route and again saw her carrying another cub in same manner. After few minutes the alarm calls stopped so i knew that this tigress has her den nearby.
Kay got very annoyed by the fact that why all these things dont happens in her presence?
I gave this information to Alphonse who was filming here with some film company then I went to Mr Nagar, Park Supdtt. to tell him all about this.
He was very happy to hear all this. He was very kind to allow us to go on elephant next morning and bring some more news about these cubs. He said You know the spot so go and find which tigress she is. So next morning me and Kay were on our way to Thauni on an elephant back.
In those days Tala forest colony was the main base for elephants. Present days interpretation center land was the  elephant camp.