Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lokpal Bill

I got off at Bhopal station this morning. Tried a coolie for my one bag which weigh less than thirty kg. Coolie asked me 80 Rs and after bargain come down to 50. I refused I wheeled it to auto stand. From here for E7 their demand was 200/ Rs. Someone advised me to go to Habibganj by nex train and take auto from there. I did. Here first demand was 70 Rs come down to 60. Dont want more hassle so agreed to 60.
Is this not a corruption?
Now the question is Will this lokpal bill solve these problems?
or we are living in a core corrupt society where everyone wants to earn some extra money through corrupt means?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fell a sleep in the train.

Last Feb(I think, dont remember exactly) we were expecting an Australian family. They were travelling from Agra by Utkal Express. Their train got delayed by 5 hours so they reach here at about 11.00 AM. We all had breakfast together and after breakfast Lady decided to go for a shower. She went to the room and within few minutes she comes back and whispers in her husbands ears and they both goes to the room. I thought there must be a gecko or spider in the bathroom which she didn't like so she must be asking him to remove it.
We were enjoying our tea and suddenly we heard gentleman shouting on her. There two daughters ignored it completely. I couldn't wait any longer so I went to their room to know the problem.
Lady said " I forgot my camera bag with my wallet and our credit cards in it." They were relying more on their credit cards while travelling in India. I thought I can get that bag easily back. They got off the Train about two hours before so train must have covered another 150 km. I assured her that if a passenger has not stolen your bag than I think I will get it back for you. I made few frantic phone calls to my friends to report this case to the different railway stations and one friend, luckily, agreed to send somebody to the station to inquire about the bag from train conductor. By this time train conductor already got the message about this incident that case is reported to authorities. He handed over the bag to the person in Bilaspur. Next morning by the time they came back from the jungle the bag was already waiting for them on the table. Each and every penny was intact along with credit cards and camera.
On 25th july when i was coming back from Agra in the same train I talk to my brother at about 5 AM informing him that train is running 30 minutes late. Than i fell a sleep between Katni and Chandia. A phone call wakes me up. Hariom asking me where r u, I said I am in the train. Which compartment? I replied AC. Than get off Train is leaving Umaria station.
In that frantic situation I grab my two bags and jumped off the train leaving behind my shoe, glasses and book I was reading. In the night I put my train ticket and money from my pocket in that book. Not much about 250 Rs.
We asked one of our friend to collect my belongings at Shahdol station. He collected them but book did not had any money in it. A fellow passenger was reading it.
So this is the story of passengers travelling in A/C Compartment. Everyone thinks these are educated honest people. Experience it and you will know which side the camel rests.