Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Peter ward and family arrived with seeing wet land all the way from Jabalpur to here. Rain and wildlife viewing doesn't go well together. In an overnight sightings goes down. They had two good sightings of Tigers in the park but even when ground were moist Sloth Bear were hiding. 
Weather was again not very good when Fiona Monks and Nicholas Smith were here. We had very foggy mornings. It was such a thick fog in Rajbehra that we couldn't see animals standing in meadows. Visibility was about 15-20 feet.
But the best thing happened when Peter th Mann saw a Tiger in Hardiya. Mr Anand from hyderabad was also there and they all were confused about the identity of this Tiger. We were not in the jungle that morning but in afternoon Mr Anand asked Kay about the ID of this Tiger and when we got pictures a surprise surprised us.
Negative results were shown after matching that picture with Wakeeta's cubs but when Kay checked it with Vijya's cub a doubt aroused, Is he the male cub of Vijya? But male cub was killed by a Tiger in July as it was confirmed By Mr Neil Gogote, Mr Gyanendra from Tiger Den and Mr A.K.Sharma retd S.D.O. B.T.R.
We sent the pictures to everyone we knew and got the same results.
Everyone said that both pictures are of same Tiger.

Mystery is not solved yet. Which was that Tiger who found dead on 4th July is the question. Was he living at Fort hill and thats why his sightings were minimal. Some people did saw a male Tiger in Ghodademon and Khidki area but we never got hold of any pictures from them so never know which male it was.