Thursday, October 15, 2015

Panpatha Sanctuary _ Why Panpatha never had a viable population of Tigers?

Why Panpatha never had a viable population of Tigers?
This question comes in my mind all the time when I see that in initial days of Bandhavgarh all the surplus population of Tigers was moving towards Panpatha.
People who do not have enough knowledge about the place or of the past they can understand this from the name of a present dominant tiger called Bamera. He got his name only because he moved out of Chakradhara with his other siblings towards Bamera village in Panpatha sanctuary.
His male sibling survived for some time but just in opposition direction of Bamera village (photographed in kalwah range). His female sibling shifted from there to some unknown territory and never seen again. 
Panpatha is hardly few kms in crow flight for the Tigers of Tala range. This should be their natural choice and was but today we don't see many tigers thriving there like Magadhi, where till few years back sighting of cattle was a routine scene for tourists.
We have seen that how in last 6 years only Magadhi zone has transformed in tiger sightings. Although some part of it comes under Tala range.
So do we have to mention this Magadhi transformed in last 6 years only because Tourist vehicles started going there or in conservationists words Tourist vehicles started harassing the tiger so tiger population increased there and because no one ever tried to harass any tiger in Panpatha thats why their population dwindled there are they never survived there.
Now you can put it in whatever the words you like but the truth is, in Panpatha without tourism Tiger population is not surviving as well as in the area with Tourism.