Tuesday, April 17, 2012


I dont see any increase in vulture population here. Some guides saw a vulture dropping from the tree at Rajbehra dam. I was not in the park that week so by the time I photographed it only wings were lying on the ground.

Last year we saw more than thirty vultures at once bathing in river but this year their numbers has gone down little more??
Recently a dear was killed by a Tiger in Chakradhara meadow. He killed it in late evening finish the meal in night and left the spot before any tourist vehicle could reach to the spot. Vultures found this kill in the afternoon. I could count only 22 vultures including 3 Red headed.
If Diclofenac is not available in the market then what is killing them? Why Long Billed are getting affected now?
These are few tough questions. Not easy to find the answer.
I wish I dont have to photograph another dead Vulture.


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SoumyaBanerjee said...

You are finding such questions difficult to answer because you mound-headed tour operators are always too busy counting cash to be looking for the right reasons. Vultures lay one egg at a time,so obviously the population growth rate of vultures is low. The main reason for their past abundance was the lack of threats,however,even after the ban on diclofenac,it will take a long time for the population to recover. Get it into your thick head,which should have reacted while you hit the tiger cub back in 2009.