Monday, March 12, 2012

Gaur arrival in Bandhavgarh

Quite a few things happened in the park in last few days. Major activity was of arrival of more Gaur from Kanha. Now Bandhavgarh has total 49 Gaur, big and small.18 out side of enclosure and 31 inside.
Other interesting activity is of appearence of few sub-adult Tigers.
One male tiger of appox age 5-6 years appeared in Back of tala Range Mukunda male is constantly seen in Mahaman. Blue eyed male seen more often near the Tiger enclosure. A fight between some male Tiger and Yoshila (seen by villagers at around 6 AM) resulting Yoshila going on hills with her cubs and not seen since last 4-5 days.(Mahavat's story).
I think that dry weather has pushed these sub adult male in side the park. They might be surviving in surrounding areas till they lost the cover. We have no clue about the parental lineage of Blue Eyed male and this other adult male.
Summer will be interesting. Let's see who survives in this fight.   

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