Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Some of my friends says that I am the only person in Bandhavgarh who criticise park auhorities regularly.

I must clarify this.

Yes I do. I am the only person who choose Tala village my home only because of Bandhavgarh National. My wife left her lucrative job in Britain to live here only because of bandhavgarh National Park.

Our Only and Only hobby is to visit national park which is next door for us. It is not a cheap hobby. Every visit cost us 1000-1200 Rs. If we go on Elephant to see Tiger it costs another 3-4 Hundred Rs. We have choosen this place our home and we would like to live in the same area till we are alive and for that we have to see that our surroundings are not destroyed.

Next few blogs will be on Bandhavgarh National Park.

In last few years we have seen forest department (read park authorities) dumping the rubble inside the park. Rubble is being dumped in Chakradhara, Bathan and Sehra.

Above picture was taken last year of Sehra meadow road. Rubble is dumped on the road. Since then grasses have stopped growing on the spot where they put th rubble and cement mortar mix had killed the rizome.

I dont want to say anything on this but this is what we see happening in the park and this is done by those people who are Trained Wildlifer in the department.

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