Monday, February 16, 2009


Today I heard that forest department wants to shift the Bhitri female, P13, to Panna. We saw her moving in Lakshmi's teritory. She was marking on every bush and tree. Rubbing her body on the ground to leave her scent marks. Today, 15th Feb, we saw P10 walking on Chorbehra road. At one spot he stopped, sniff the road, sniff the tree, flehman and moved on. Minutes later we found him rubbing his shoulders with P13 and mating. They are from same litter of Pyari born in Nov 2004. Normally female Tiger produces their first litter between age of 32-40 months. P13 is 51 months ( 4 yrs 3 months) old. Still no sign of pregnancy. What is happening. Again the same question.

My Gypsy's clutch plate gone wrong in the jungle so I have to call to come with Whity. She came with Munmun and Mahi. we were on the Tiger spot so we thought to send them on ele to see tiger. Mahi wont go alone so Hariom has to go with them.

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