Thursday, February 19, 2009


Tourists and Travel Agents are accused of promoting Tiger Tourism. Tourists wants to see Tiger and only Tiger. This is true there is no doubt about it. If he has an option of choosing between a Tiger and a Chital he will choose Tiger but once ha has seen the Tiger he is happy to devote time to see any small animal in the jungle. Here Guide becomes an important person to look for him other small mammals, birds or insects to keep his interest alive.

At one time Chakradhara was very good for this. One could spot mud-puddling butterflies and Drosera plant side by side. It was a very popular spot to kill the time and at the same time keep the tourist busy or after seeing the Tiger guides get a chance to show their skills.

But all off a sudden this all was lost in Feb 2007. Present Management (No one has changed) of the park then decided to put the concrete on a small patch of this road. They chose exactly the same length of road that was used by Butterflies for mud-puddling and where lots of drosera plants were growing year after year.

This picture was taken on 4th March 2007. Since than we never saw those big numbers and different species of butterflies mud-puddling here.

By the way one should know that our present Field Director of Bandhavgarh National Park has authored two books on Butterflies.

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