Friday, February 13, 2009


Conservation and corruption are first cousin to each other. Corrupion prospers in company of Conservation. Our Tiger figures since 1973 proves it very well.
Project tiger started with less than two thousand tigers. Poor Tigers dont know that till today, in last 26 years, how much is being spent on their welfare. What they know for sure that their community members are decreasing year by year. Their census figure now is less than 1400. They cant find suitable boy or girl to marry anymore so many of them has to look in to their neighourhood in their own family. Thanks god they dont have to get a certificate for their childbirth otherwise they would have never got it. I have seen them breeding with their sister, aunt and nieces. Some scientists says this is in-breeding? Everyone opposes their lifestyle only because they cant protest others who can protest does it legally. Nobody talks about inbreeding there.
We were checking the family tree ofTigers of Tala range in Bandhavgarh Ntl Park India where 85% tigers carry the genes from Sita and Charger. What are the ill affects of in breeding are unknown to this area. In-fact no-one has documented these to prove it scientifically.
Last week we saw Lakshmi mating with P10. Lakshmi is a daughter of Pyari and B2 from third litter of Pyari and P10 is from next litter of same parents. They both carry the same genes or blood. Lakshmi's cubs left her last year. One of her cub is now in Bhopal zoo. He is about three and half yrs old. We are seeing Lakshmi mating with different males since last one year but never seen her really preganant. Why she is not conceiving? No one knows. Neither their is any case history mentioned in any of the literature I have. What could be the reason?
talking to different Doctors / Veteranary the reasons I got are -
1. It could be a stress related mater. Sometimes when some animals do not find their teritory safe enough for raising their cubs they do not conceive.
2. If carnivorus animal have poor prey base in their teritory they may not conceive for a long time.
These two reasons can be seen in her teritory.
Her teritory is a strip of 600 mtrs wide to 2.5 km long forest. North side of this is fenced with chain link fence and southern side is a hill. There is another tigress on southern side that do not allow her to flex her muscles in south.
In East and West of her teritory their are two different tigress who keeps an eye on her teritory and do not allow her to move further in their teritory.
She has a beautiful meadow in South East but other tigress from Chakradhara pushes her back.
So she is in a very difficult teritory where prey base is depleting year by year.
I will love to hear from readers of this blog if they know more about this because I know nothing about this. ( Cant think like an animal).
So we were talking about Tiger conservation and corruption. I will feel very happy if any one of you prove me wrong on this issue. This corruption may not be directly in financial terms but it may be in terms of sincere duty in conservation. But that too affects financially.
I dont want to bore you any more so let us stop here. tigers have a very secure future as a breed and people will see them for few more decades in isolated forests and lateron in Glorified Safari Parks of Bandhavgarh, Ranthambhore, Kanha and few more places in south india.

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