Saturday, February 21, 2009


A pair of Brown Fish Owl is breeding since last twenty years on a Peepal tree in Jamunia, Bandhavgarh Ntl Park. Is it the same pair for all that time is not known. They are breeding again this year. I saw one guarding the nest and other bird sitting in nest.
According to The Book Of Indian Birds By Salim Ali they feed on Fish,Frogs,Crabs, Small Mammals, Birds. Habits: Nocturnal Affects well wooded country, well-watered tracts. Fond of over grown ravines in the neighbourhood of jheels and streams.
The river bed where this tigress is walking use to be full of water. At one time it was so deep that I photographed elephant bathing there. ( unfortunately all those pictures are on slide and i don't have the scanner)
In last few year some changes in design of culvert construction in the park took place and it destroyed the habitat of Brown Fish Owl. A very similar story like the mud-puddling spot of butterflies was destroyed.
This junction was such an important spot in the park that many tourists use to spend hours to wait for an opportunity for a better photograph of Brown Fish Owl.
Since that water is made run trough under the bridge Brown Fish Owl is seen sitting on ground looking for other mammals and insects to feed on.
Now birds are breeding again but they have lost their fishing pool in Jamunia and Siddhbaba.
With all these kind of Management Practices one should not blame tourist for Tiger oriented Tourism.

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