Wednesday, February 18, 2009


These are the pictures of a brick kiln next to my house and kiln is fired about 40 mtrs from my bedroom. When the kiln is fired my bedroom get filled with CO (carbon mono oxide gas) We rush down stairs to sleep in another room that is another 40 mtrs away from our room.

Legal status: Brick kilns can not be fired in village premises or residential area. In last ten years we tried hard to complained this matter to local authorities inclusive of Colector, SDM, CEO Janpad Panchayat, Tehsildar, Patwari, DFO Regular Forest, Field Director Bandhavgarh National Park and Chief Wildlife Warden of M.P.

Wood used for firing the kiln is always the firewood. None of the concerned authorities seems to be interested in dealing with these.

Recently one local Advocate submitted a complaint to DFO Umaria and the rply he got was do you have any personal grudges against them.

He was shocked but he shot back asking him do you have some personal interest in brick kilns thats why you dont want to take any action against them.

Anyway this all happened a week before. Nothing happened till today. It looks like soon we have to sleep in other room for few days.

These brick kilns have destroyed the buffer zone forest around Bandhavgarh National Park and still people are talking about conservation. when Government is not interested in conservation then what the hell the general public can do. Nothing but watch destroying the forest around them.

15 years back we were talking about buying some land around bandhavgarh. he suggested that i should try to find some land around Western side so minimum there will be someone to keep an eye. We bought 5 acre of land, built a beautiful well and starting buillting our house. After monsoon we found no approach road to reach our land. road was encroached by villagers, we tried to get electricity but cost of two poles was too high to our budget on that time so till today we never got the electricity on that land. Recently one of the my Journalist friend wanted to retire here so I offered him the land and the house. He found no mobile signal on the land so he dropped the idea. Forest around that village is also disappearing fast. There it is only the population growth consuming the forest. Who can stop the population growth to save the forest. None of the government is serious about it then why we should have a false hope of saving the nature. Ultimately at one day population growth will eat away all the forest. So be happy and dont worry about the nature.

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