Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Animal deaths and Shashi / Bamera pugmark

Some animal deaths in the jungle really made me very angry and often you find yourself very helpless in these cases.
Charger, Bamera, Indrajeet and Indrani deaths are some of them.
While looking my old files for habitat shots I just found these two pictures of Shashi / Bamera pugmark.
Bamera had a small injury in one of his pad. For Cats that kind of injury is nothing. It's like a scratch for us.
Shashi / Bamera had this injury in his pad for months together and ultimately he died of septicemia of this injury.
You can see the pugmark in dry sand where constantly he is leaving a wet mark on the sand.
This all happened when Bandhavgarh have a qualified Govt Vet posted especially for looking after the wild animals.

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