Sunday, February 9, 2014

Vijya's cub killed by a Tiger in July.

It has become a great mystery. Which tiger was found dead in first week of July behind Forest Rest House in Tala?
In Jan 2014 an young male Tiger was sighted for three days in Hardiya area. After identifying this young male we found this was one of Vijya's male cub. So where was he living for all these days?
Some forest labour did tell us in Nov, Dec and in Jan itself that a male Tiger was seen by them in Chakradhara but because we never got hold of any photos so we could not confirm his identity.
Forest Deptt says and believes that the cub got killed was male and remaining female cub is living at Fort plateau.
If she is living at Fort plateau then some time she should have come down in Chakradhara meadow. By now she is about 28 months old, sexually matured, then why she is not looking for mate? 
Fort plateau alone can not feed a Tiger? There is not enough prey base. Tigers living in Chakradhara do visit Fort plateau for a day or two but comes down regularly. 
There are so many questions on this issue.
It's a minor mistake but it can be corrected. It looks like as forest deptt is not interested in Data records. I am told that now they recognize them as a Tiger. I agree with that too but minimum one should know about the male and female population ratio in the park.
Why Rajasthan Forest Deptt recognize it's each and every Tiger by No's and name? They are using Tourism as a Toll much better than any one else in the country.
Everyone accepts this theory that if you know an animal by name then you follow news about him and becomes more concerned when you don't get any news about him. As it use to happen here with B2 and Charger.
Here is a picture of this Tiger taken on 17th Dec 2012 while he was walking in Chakradhara meadow with his two other siblings and picture in the bottom was taken on 23rd Jan 2014 while he was crossing the road near Hardiya.
Anyway. This Tiger is well alive and kicking for his survival in his fathers territory where his two other cousins are also putting pressure on his father. Poor Shashi / Bamera is getting injured here and there by these youngsters. They are too many for him to fight.  


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Imtiaz said...

During our visit in Dec'2013. We even saw the pugmarks near Gopalpur waterhole towards Chakardhara...So its looks like it was somanshu not Kanwar. They were not so big pugmarks...