Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pushpraj, a young Tiger trying to have a territory in his own fathers Kingdom.

Morning was cooler than previous two mornings and sky was mostly clear.  February is always a busy month in parks due to grey weather in Europe. This is the time when everyone, if could afford, would like to go out of Britain or Europe. There was hardly any Tiger sighting since last two days due to rain. Yesterday afternoon when a Tigress was sighted on Rampur road every vehicle, barred one or two, in Tala zone was there to catch a glimpse. She was behind the bushes munching a Sambhar.

We did not see any activity of any Tiger in Chakradhara and Rajbehra meadow so we decided to move on to Banbehi. A herd of Gaur was browsing near Bathan. We followed them for half an hour. Two female with collar were there in this herd.

We were driving slowly on Andhiyari Jhhiriya road when suddenly we saw a Tiger walking along the road. He was not at all concerned with our presence or with Spotted Deer. He was sniffing the ground and tree trunk but did not tried to spray. This shows that he is not comfortable in this area.
Few deer gave alarm calls and this diverted his attention. He tried to stalk them but failed as once the cover is blown away it's blown away for good. Every animal knew his presence now and he knew this well too so at last he decided to keep on moving in the forest.

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