Sunday, February 9, 2014

Second visit to our place of Mr Peter Th Mann.

Mr Peter visited Bandhavgarh last year with Nature Images Tour and stayed a week longer. At that time only he decided to visit the park again in 2014 so he was again with us for a week in January.
Sightings were poor in Jan due to several reasons. Apart from rain the Ghost Tiger also disturbed Tulsi and her cubs.
One day we found Tulsi and her cubs sitting out side of park boundary. Still don't know why these chain link fencing are put because they do not serve any purpose. If they are there to stop cattle from coming in then Tigers goes out and kill cattle. Man leap over the fence to take bamboo and Timber for their need. Many pugdandee's (Human trail) can be seen in and around Bhitri. So practically they don't serve any purpose. This picture of Tulsi and her cubs proves it. That day they killed a cow and a buffalo.

Later on next day when they were feeding on cattle, that was dragged in by the forest deptt, 4 labour walked in literally to see the tigers. Everybody was thinking, What is this happening in presence of tourist vehicles. Where we are? Is this a National Park? But there was no one to answer these questions and tourists left frustrated.
Jaya sighting was good. We were told that she was seen in this area around 4 PM.  We were returning home so we decided to wait for few minutes. No call or any other sign so we started moving and there she was walking towards us.


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