Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Train to Guwahati

On 6th March evening we left for Katni to board Dadar Guwahati Exp for Guwahati. I must say that was my mistake in choosing the train. It was only 15 minutes late but instead of Two Tier A/C they put 3 Tier A/C. That was a bad start. I will never suggest anybody to travel in A/C compartment if your train is passing Bihar in day time because it does not makes any sense to pay that kind of money if what we saw is the normal norm in that area. The moment train entered Bihar Train Conductor and attendant literally gone missing. Passengers were entering the compartment on their wish and within few stops our compartment was like a General Compartment. Man were drinking Beer and Alcohal and young boys in their early twenty's started an argument with a family because they wanted to share the seats with them. No one dare to stop them I tried but i was suggested by fellow passengers not to indulge with them. Later on when train left Mukhtyar Ganj, I think this was the station name, A/C coaches were stonned. Few passengers were injured. RPF and train staff were no where in sight.

Most of the women young or old had to hear their comments. Which were not nice.Travelling in train in Bihar region was similar like sitting on footpath of Paharganj, New Delhi. At one stage I count 9 hawkers selling different items in our compartment. Here is the list of items hawkers were trying to sell in coach. bag, shoes, musical items, curd, toys, nail cutter, video game, foot pump for car, hair brush, ladies underwear and bra, track suit, scissors, rain coat, umbrella, pen drive, pen, torch, chime, dining mats, paper plates, mouth organ, piano, blankets, sheet, sari, shawl, petticoat, salwar suit, paan, cigaretts, gutka, camera, watch,binocular, gas lighter, men's baniyan, books, magazine, thermous flask, sweets barfi, roti sabji, boiled egg, peanut, chana boiled and roasted both by different hawker,hara chana, locks-chain, mineral water cold drink, kitchen knives, fans, shaving bags, dining cover, sofa cover, pillow, sauna belt, corn, sewing machine, playing cards, toth brush, safety pins, lighter, cotton buds, papaya, balm, shoe polish, massage man, scissors, immerssion rod, CD DVD CASSETS, belt, tripod, MP3-MP4, pant, shirt piece, film and money belt. Chai wala was always there. Chai is served in smallest cup ever one can in the standard of Rs 5 per cup.

40 hours train journey from Katni to Guwahati was enough to put us off for another visit to north east through this route.

We found a small guest house on 6th floor near Brahmaputra river. Comfortable accommodation for over night stay. Tomorrow morning we meet Tony Sharon, Chris, Monique and Grant to start our journey towards Kaziranga.

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