Monday, March 2, 2009


I photographed these Firewood sellers on main street in Tala village. Villagers do not sell firewood to local villagers then where it is consumed? None of those honest people will never give an honest answer about firewood consumed in their commercial kitchen. Firewood is only fuel used in most of the roadside food shops in Tala village.
Look at the picture carefully. This firewood has come from dead trees in nearby forest. See the age of people who are selling it. Do you think they are needy people. No they are opportunist-lazy village sods who opted easiest way of self employment.
Here lies the main problem of this country and its Tigers. None of the concerned department has any interest in controlling this. We tried our level best and failed many times successfully.

If you want to try in helping the Tigers and their habitat please write to Chief Wildlife Warden Van Bhavan, Tulsi Nagar, Bhopal. M.P India and D.F.O Umaria Division, Umaria M.P. India.

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