Thursday, March 5, 2009


News from Kanha is not good in any sense. A tiger died due to some territorial fight and locals demonstrated against the Trans Location of a tiger from Kanha to Panna.
Kanha is a funny place. Locals can damage the park on their whims and fancies. I have seen Kanha burning and no one ever found any person responsible for fire. Anyway---
Back to Bandhavgarh- There were many signs of Tiger walking on road but we did not see one. Our best chance we found on Tiger show. P10 was sleeping in Chorbehra and Lakshmi was sleeping on a hillock 100 mtrs away from him. Some nice photos. That's the beauty of 300 mm lens. I uses it all the time. In fact that is the only lens I carry in the jungle. Most of the Time when others were photographing I was quietly holding my camera then Mahavat slightly turned the elephant and I got the chance.
Afternoon was even better for sighting but no photography. Light was very poor and pictures are not as sharp as I wanted. Xavier and his wife and Kay are very happy with the sighting. It was Durga and her two cubs at Badhaini pool.

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nesli said...

very nice pictures satyendra! yes we were very happy that day. it's something we will never forget!!