Thursday, March 19, 2009

Guwahati Dump

Kay felt sick last night. It was due to long train journey. Security personnel did not allow us to enter the visitor lounge with our rucksacks so we decided to wait outside. When theycame out first we went straight to coffe shop. Indigo does not serve any food, what they serve on flight is very costly.

Everyone is very excited about photographing Greater Adjutant. One of the biggest colony of them feeds on Guwahati Dump. People collecting useful items or recyclable items from rubbish can walk or sit feet's away from storks but they will avoid us. It was not a pleasant place to walk. One can write a complete different definition of Hygiene after seeing people living there. I am told that most of them are Bangladeshi's??

Most of the garbage was burning. Very smoky atmosphere. In-fact we found whole of Assam smoky. During our seven day stay in Assam we never saw any piece of Blue sky.

We reached Wild Grass late for afternoon game drive. Some birding and butterflying around the lodge but not great.

Shall get ready for tomorrow to see Indian One Horned Rhino after a good night sleep.

Post for 9th March 2009.

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