Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kaziranga from 11th March to 15th March

In all for me Kaziranga was not that exciting as I use to see it before. It is long time back and old story. Now at this time I found it more dry and smoky. Whole of Assam was burning. In-fact we never saw blue sky during our one week stay. Everyone in our group has same complaint about the park. Local tourists does not treat park as they should to this Heritage site. Guides and Drivers blame them for littering the park. Some Guides try to attract the attention of Rhino by imitating their call. People laugh on this. Guides needs to learn what the tourist wants, what is the need of photographers?? I will say that photography in those five days was not good.
on our journey back home Me Chris and Tony wanted to try Guwahati Dump again. It is nice filthy place for storks.
After dinner we board Howrah Mumbai mail for Katni.

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