Thursday, January 8, 2009


Last week of December was spent at home Relaxing. We were chasing hospitals in Umaria, Bhopal,Mumbai and Delhi since November but this story on some other time when I post our yearly diary. Christmas and New year were quite for us. I dont celeberate any festival except Rakhi. On Rakshabandhan my whole family members gathers at my mothers house and everyone enjoy teasing eachother.

Fuji Films held their exhibition in delhi in last week of December where I was one of the contributor. Raghu Rai came to inaugrate the Exhibition. He has set a Landmark i photography for all other photographrs in the country. His pictures speaks itself. I will ask him if we can afford a print of one of his photographs.

Some Park Directors from Spain wanted to visit Bandhavgarh. They arrived on 4th morning and stayed till 6th.

Majority of my clients dont want to go on Elephant to see the Tiger. They all comes to me through some reference so past experience of other people increases their hopes of sighting a Tiger with me. This puts a tremendous pressure on me of doing better than before. I am living with this now and quite use to of it.

I pinpointed my Target at home. Which Tiger I want to see and where the chances of Photography is better is all decided long before entering the park. Sometimes I fail because of silly route System in the park.

Cats have memory and a very good memory. They remember and can recognise individual vehicle. In all my years I have never put my vehicle close to Tiger. I prefer them to have the choice. I have photographed Tiger walking towards the jeep and satdown 6 foot away from me. Once 3 curious cubs came out of the bamboo, one sat infront of the jeep one behind and third one attracted to the noise of my camera came straight to me.

Guide sitting behind was scared to death. He asked us several time to leave the place. Atlast I asked him to keep quite and enjoy the moment. Few minutes later I heard him requesting Can I smoke? I said Yes why not. Last wish should be fullfilled with honour. So he smoke and he photograph quitely. He was scared with 7-8 months old cub.

we found Durga with 4-5 other jeep. Nice sighting. walking through the woods and crossing the road infront of the jeep. Clients were very happy. They all were shivering in excitement.

Every other jeep rushed back to registration point I decided to wait for dust to settle. near Badhaini Pool i saw pugmarks on jeep track and there was this cub sitting 10 feet from me in the bamboo looking at us. I moved to give her some space and feel secure. Nice sighting for next thirty minutes or so. She obeliged us in going in to the water playing with twigs chasing the stone biting bamboo leaves and at last going in to the water.

once we finished photography and she was gone Gerrard said to his wife Sorry to tell you but that gave me an Orgasm.

So I have 3 very happy clients now.

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