Sunday, January 18, 2009


Somedays in the jungle are animal days. I mean days for them but not for tourist. It was nice day, good sunshine clear weather but sighting of animals were not good. It looked as majority of animals were enjoying sun on top of hills where tourist cant reach. Few lucky jeeps saw a Tiger coming out of no where near Badi Gufa.
Greeny was not well in the morning but little twist from the mechanic, change of one Spark plug and point put her in old spirit. I wish we could do that for ourselves?
Kay thinks her headache is a part of Sarcoidosis. Alopathy dont have sure cure for it. It help in suppressing the symptoms but dont cure.
Does anyone of you have ay idea what helps in Sarcoidosis?
received a nice Calendar from Brian Mathew Thanks for it and thanks to those thieves of Postal System too who spared it.
munmun and mahi joined us for dinner. they will be back in umaria sunday eve.

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