Saturday, January 31, 2009


A big question is bugging me since last few days. Shall I involve myself with other people who wants to oppose Tiger translocation to Panna?

Since late 80's Forest Officers used / Manupulated Tiger figures to get promoted? this is nothing but simple truth. If it is not true then we would have not seen Sariska and Panna in present condition.

In late 70's and early 80's I was in touch of many many forest officers and junior staff. With time they all got promoted and like a boy who was working as an orderly in early 80's is a Forester or Deputy Ranger in a National Park.

Some of these people are my very good source of information. Some of my forest officer friends are A CLASS wildlifers but work under frustration. Some of them told me that they dont want to work any more in wildlife only because nobody wants to do any constructive work.

They wants to have a good cotacts by showing the Tiger to big bosses so thay can be used at appropiate times.

One of my Journalist friend phoned me few weeks before. At present he works for a Television Channell and head of M.P. unit of their organisation. He went to some retired Forest officer to talk on some issues. This person was agreed to his points but refused to speak on camera with a request by saying this on camera they will stop me calling in all the meetings and shunt me out from committees.

Some years back when present Prime Minister declared Sunita Narayan as head of the tiger task force committee there was a big uproar against her. Anyway. She asked me to provide her the information from Bandhavgarh area and on different issues.

My points were very well accepted and i see those issues in Tiger Task Force Committee report.

I am not against the forest department but at present in the

direction it is heading is not the right direction for future. Everyone opposes Chainlink wire Fencing around National Parks.

Disrupted by staff. Needs to leave now.

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