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Visit to UK with Kay & Munmun

Kay's idea was that " She is 18 now. She should have same facilities what the girls in UK will ask."
So start from the beginning Munmun was getting an independent room. When we stayed at Jay Pee Vasant Continental Munmun had her room then in our entire stay in UK she was given an independent room.
We are sure she enjoyed that freedom. It was hard to expect her to sit with us except meal times otherwise she always stayed in her room.
What we saw there was that almost all the girls and boys of 16 yrs of age were working to earn some pocket money. One of our friends daughter works 2 hours a day in a restaurant to earn some money.
Munmun did go to see her.
Taxi dropped us at the station and we boarded the train for our next stay at Hartland quay.
We had to change the train and wait for 12 minutes. Pete Underhay, to whom we have not met for about 15 yrs was waiting for us at the station.
It was really nice of him to drive 30 miles to meet us for few minutes. He saw Munmun when she was a toddler. On the next station Anne and Derek were there to receive us.
Anne and Derek are Kay's friends since her college time. Their daughter Esther came to stay with us in her gap year.
Gap year is the time when students after finishing the school takes a year off from study and do travelling or something else they likes.
We were again in a quiet coach.  All quiet coaches have this noticeboard and people follows it.

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And this system in train coaches which tells you about the reservation of the seat. Think about it? It's easy to do with present day technology. India is not far behind in technology but ideas and execution are missing in our country.
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Train Journey was always very quiet and comfortable.
Anne and Derek's friendship with Kay is solid as a rock. They decided to come to Devon for holiday so we have their company. They booked a cottage where they were staying with their daughter Liz and her partner.
They all are artists. Artists who enjoys life but stay away from all the glitter.
From the station we went straight to their cottage for lunch.Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people standing and outdoor

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Munmun did not say much but she was happy eating her favorite meal. Daal and Rice. After lunch and Tea they dropped us at Hartland Quay hotel where Kay booked a cottage for us. Three bedroom and two bathroom. One bathroom with bath.
Munmun rushed to see all the bedrooms and chose to stay upstairs where her huge double bed room was attached to a lounge. We stayed downstairs where a window has the sea view.
We were so full with the lunch that we did not feel like to eat anything but Munmun wanted a bowl of Chips.
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View from our room.
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Hartland Quay hotel where our cottage was left side in this building. Two white windows out of four were of our rooms. Where these chairs are there use to be a swimming pool.
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Image may contain: ocean, sky, outdoor, nature and water
This was the view from Munmun's lounge window.
Evening was quiet except some wind noise.
Here Kay introduced Munmun to bath. She was told to enjoy it as long as possible but don't fell a sleep in it. In the morning she said she came out only when she thought she may fell asleep in bath.
We all slept well.
Breakfast is major meal for us here too. Munmun who never drank juice much at home started liking Apple juice.
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After breakfast Kay took Munmun to show the life rock which she use to climb in her childhood.
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Munmun and Kay looking for shells and rocks.
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What was more interesting here was that sea water quality was constantly checked between May and September for bathing. I just can't imagine these things happening in India. I know people reading this may not believe it, if so, then please read this notice board.
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Next day we went to
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Stones were put for visitors to chose, buy and pay.
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Someone made very good use of wellington shoes.

There are so many footpaths around Hartland quay for people to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.
One day Liz and her partner did a long walk of about 15 miles and were so tired that they did nothing next day.
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 Munmun having cream tea at Watersmeet house.
Rail track
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Today we went to see this railway wagon which runs on weight system. Easy technology used very effectively.
Later on Liz Crow came to meet us so that was a very good meeting after almost 20 years.
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Today on our walk we saw this grey heron fishing in river. He looks so tame that I could walk about 40 feet to him and he still concentrating on his target.
Grey Heron
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