Thursday, June 27, 2019

Visit to UK with Kay and Munmun

Last night we repacked to travel light but Munmun still travelling with her suitcase.
Today on 26th we left Durrance, Bromsgrove for Wotton-under-edge to stay with Iain + Ruth Green.
When Iain stayed with us first time then Munmun was about 2 years old.
Later on she started remembering him as Papita uncle because of his liking for Papaya fruits from the garden.
Almost all the trains in UK have Quiet coach which means talking is not allowed. Here quiet means quiet. People rely on texting while sitting in train. Not unlike India where mobile phone never stops ringing or parents handover their mobile phones to kids to get rid of their parental responsibilities. Believe me this kind of kids are real nuisance in A/C compartments of Indian train.
Ruth and Iain were waiting for us at the station. Iain took us home through a scenic route of countryside than motorway.
Last time when I stayed with Iain he was living in different village. There his house was next to a stream where he use to look for dipper.
Iain + Ruth did more than what they could do to make us feel more comfortable in their house. They moved kids so Munmun and us could have independent rooms. Although I slept on Sofa.
 Weather was not so good to go for a walk but even than a small window of sunshine was there to walk in woods. I stayed at home. Munmun enjoyed talking to kids and playing with Iain's dog.
Kay had some thorn in her toe which was making her difficult to walk. Iain offered her a lift to hospital and got it sorted. Probably it was Barleriya thorn which broke inside.
Next morning Iain has to go to London so after breakfast a Taxi dropped us at the station.
Certainly Ruth and kids made Munmun feel at home.

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