Sunday, June 30, 2019

30th June 2019

As usual we were again in the park for morning round.
Best thing what we saw there was a herd of spotted deer about 70-80 but with only two male in it.
What is happening there?? Why the rutt has not started here at all?
My guess is because we saw very high activity of rut in this park in Feb March that's why most of the female are already pregnant. 
This happened only because of the best work which was done in meadow management.
We were told that some people saw the Mangu crossing at Jhhilki nala in the morning. He is back in the area. Since last three days he was forcing Xena to accept his dominance.
Park looked more dirty than ever. Plastic was seen at many place in the park mostly tobacco wrappers. Behaviour of guides and drivers needs to be checked with a heavy hand if the park authorities wants this park to stay in best managed parks.
Drivers do not respect any other vehicle waiting or watching any other animal other than the Tiger. We lost some good images of monkey baby playing, spotted deer fighting and preaching.
I will say that lack of dedicated staff is the one reason for this. In last three months we have seen park deteriorating in tourism zone. Mahavats played a big role in defaming the park. There was no control on them in any way and people thought that this is happening with the consent of park management but it was completely false . Mahavats became rogue.
With the new drivers in the park, who have no knowledge about the park rules,  do let tourists do what they wants. Basically indians still uses it as a Park to do picnic. They have no idea about the wildlife.

It's end of june and we still has not seen a good shower. Most of the meadows looks overgrazed and dry.
Chakradhara meadow which has little moisture looks little green otherwise all other areas looks yellow.
This is the arrival of monsoon but it looks very fake.

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