Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Visit to Bandhavgarh Fort

Visit to fort is always rewarding in one or the other manner. I tried to photograph Tomb Bats but my camera refused to work! Moody, like many other .....! Weather was not good to see vultures flying. Saw none flying at Bathaan. We saw a dead Spotted Deer near a pool on way to Badhaini view point. Our guide Vijay singh saw it on 1st of April and other guide saw it on 4th April lying there in same position.
Dead Spotted Deer is nothing for many tourists but for the people who care for the jungle is really worrying. Dead Spotted Deer was not eaten by any scavanger or predator. It means Vultures are not there and so the other preadors like tiger and leopard are also not there. What happened to all of them!
Things are not good here. Tigers are surviving on less than 4 sq km per tiger teritory. It is good for tourists who come here to see tiger but not good for tigers themselves.


Avinash Upadhyay said...

What does this mean? Till last season I saw many vultures in the area. I have also seen tigers up in the fort. So why is this deer uneaten?

Bandhavgarh said...

Dear Avinash ji,
Vultures are there but not in that many numbers as before.
Mr Patric Benson also saw the decline in numbers.
I think vultures do not fly over fort plateau and that could be the reason why they missed it.
Ofcourse this proves the decline in their numbers too.
I have just put the picture on blog. My computer was not working since long time thats why picture got delayed.