Sunday, April 4, 2010


Tigers Tigers and Tigers. That is Bandhavgarh. I declared it 3 yrs back that this park started dying and that time people were laughing on me. People who dont know the situation may laugh on me now when I say that this park has turned in to a Glorified Safari Park! Yes it is a Glorified Safari Park. Tourists who visit this park uses it like a Restaurant where people go to enjoy the meal of their choice and dont care for the kitchen that how it was cooked and in what condition the kitchen is. Forest department is happy by putting the Chain Link Fencing all around the National Park. They dont consider it as a corridor blocker or teritory divider for the tiger. One of the my friend in Forest Deptt told me the equations of chainlink fencing. That equation leads towards money spending!!!!!
May I request to my readers to enlighten me on this question if they know any park that is managed in this country with scientific guidelines!!
Topic here is a Tigress with three cubs. Her cubs are about 18 months old now and she is not being seen in the Park since last 45 days. Forest department thinks she is out and she is responsible for the death of this girl last week in Kuchwahi village.
Now the question is that why this tigress has to leave the best teritory area of the park, Chakradhara meadow and fort hill, to go out of the park. One guide said that he saw her snarling on her cub of last litter Bamera Male, who has become the dominant male of the area and trying to push B2 further back in to the hills. But that day she was waiting for the cubs to join her on the kill. She did not like her presence near the kill and male slapped her. But these are daily routine incidents in Tigers life and any established female will not leave her teritory that easily. She is 14 now. What kind of prey other than cattle she is getting outside is not reported so far. She was never seen outside of the park before. Areas from where she could come in are all fenced with 8 foot high fence. I am sure that in next few years Tigers will be managed genetically in these National Parks. Tala Range in Bandhavgarh has all the Tigers from Sita And Charger blood line except a male and a female whose parentage is not confirmed. Dominant males of this park has not faced any challange from any intruder male since last 13 years so that tells the part of the story.
In this country where human population pressure has reached to the core areas of National Parks how one can have hope of their (tigers) free survival.

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Peter Dickinson said...

I would believe that if her cubs are eighteen months old then the time has come for them to leave home. Suddenly there are four animals in a territory built for one. Some body has to move out.