Saturday, April 24, 2010


So what is important today. My phone rang at 0330 in the morning. Tiwari ji Come quickly here. Rajesh and co are shouting on Siddhnarayan's roof to scare off two Tigers. They have injured a cow and killed otherone in other house.
Within minutes I was ready. Kay said You are not going alone? She joined me and within two minutes we were on the spot .
Pug Marks were clearly seen on road. Sultan came to inform that he saw pugmarks on Bijhariya road. We had to tell staff not to move in dark. Similarly other people and neighours were informed. Dont want any other case and tigers to get blamed for their death.
I had to call Ranger at 0445. Soon Elephants will be in the village.
Question is Who these are?
If I get any more news I will tell you in the evening.


Anonymous said...

Hello Sir, Could you please tell, What is the state of B2 after fight with Bamera male ? Is he OK ?

वन्दना अवस्थी दुबे said...

रोमांचक. अगली खबर का इन्तज़ार कर रहे हैं हम.

Avinash Upadhyay said...

Waiting to see what you can tell us. This is happening increasingly now. Just a month or so back too you had posted such incident.

Bandhavgarh said...

Dear Avinash ji,
Yes I posted one similar incident but i m not being able to post all only because either the news comes very late to me or it is done in some other village where we dont have access or most of the time dont have the time. Another female with her three cubs is regularly feeding on cattles between Ranchha and Dobha village. she has killed about ten + cattles in last two months.

This is how the tigers are going to survive ultimately.

Tabish Anwar. Shaikh said...

Firstly let me thank you for the information that you provide on this blog...Recently I was in Bandhavgarh with Butch dai and seeing the state of the park was very sad...I wonder how long will the Chorbehra female live on cattle kills...she is living on dangerous ground. Is there nothing that can be done to make life easier for these wonders of nature?