Saturday, February 11, 2012


After almost 15 years I got a chance to photograph Gaur in Bandhavgarh. At Rajbehra dam we saw a cow coming out of forest and second one followed her a minute later. Within minutes we took our positions and were ready to photograph them.
Two Sambhar deer were completely mesmerized. Probably they had never seen an animal like this before. Young Sambhar fawn ran away for safety and mother followed him later. Both gaur came in Rajbehra for a drink. I hope they will stay in this area for the rest of the season. Gaur is a new attraction for Bandhavgarh.
I put my camera on bean bag and instantly I realised that one of them is carrying a huge collar in her neck. Khuda mile to ganje sir.

(This picture belongs to me and not to Google so if any cheat is trying to copy it he must give photo credit to me and not to Google.)  


Avinash Upadhyay said...

So gaur have adopted to bandhavgarh it seems. Want to come over to bandhavgarh early april. Will meet you again for sure.

Bandhavgarh said...

stay with us then.