Monday, February 1, 2010

Rusty Spotted Cat

Few years back Kay saw a cat sitting in our garden and she thought that this looks different than others so she checked it immediately with book and claimed that it is none other than Rusty Spotted Cat. I never saw this cat here in Bandhavgarh so I was not able to comment but she was very much sure about her sighting. This year someone photographed a cat in the park and put that photo on Internet labeling Rusty Spotted Cat. Yes it is and this sighting confirms that the cat Kay saw in our garden was also the Rusty Spotted Cat. So they are surviving here secretly. Yesterday I was in the jungle ans saw a dead cat near the road in the park. But due to the present scenario and the attitude of govt officials guide refused to check it properly. She was lying up-side down lower half portion of body was eaten but tail and upper half of the body was intact. I asked him to turn it over but he said time is gone no fun in checking these things anymore. Some naturalist from some other lodge was claiming it is a rabbit. (Good luck to the tourists with him)
So a new mammal for the Park. Rusty Spotted Cat.

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