Sunday, February 7, 2010

Cattle Lifting in Tala village.

Hariom gave us the news yesterday about Tiger pug marks in Gitanjali Hotel on High Street of Tala village. Quickly I was there in minutes to photograph the pug marks. After reaching there staff told me the story that how they saw her moving in the compound and all, hard to believe but they were telling everyone what has happened in the night. They told me that later this tigress killed Raju's cow. Raju lives behind the school building. This tigress came out of Gitanjali and walked towards his house through pugdundee near hospital. He keeps his cow in his Veranda. Tiger took it from there and killed it 15 ft away.
By the time I reached cow was taken away by the forest department to give it to its new owner.
This morning Ganesh gave us the news that another cow is being killed in Gitanjali. Again we were there and this time we saw all the pug marks and cow too. I think cow was killed very late in the morning because a very small portion from the rump was eaten. She didn't had much chance to eat it. We heard dogs barking at 0515-0530 from the same direction and I said to Kay that looks like Tiger was again in the village.
Which Tiger it can be!
If it is Lakshmi, tigress from Chorbehra then she has all the right to come and look for prey.
She has very poor territory. She has less than two km long 600 mtrs wide strip of forest that is fenced on one side and otherside is hill. She has two dominant females neighbouring her territory so she cant flex her muscles. Prey base is decreasing day by day in her territory due to several reasons. Her territory is being divided by fence which she crosses by leaping over on it and probably by that, hurt her one hind leg. She has little trouble in walking since last 18 months but otherwise perfect.
There is no possibility of any other tiger to visit the village because if it is so than this other Tiger should show his / her presence in the jungle.
What is going to happen!
Will she be sent to Zoo!
Why? She is not guilty of any thing.
She has the same right to find his prey as the villagers have to find the firewood in the jungle.
If ever this thought takes place in the minds of forest deptt officials easiest solution is to remove the chainlink fencing from the main road and give her freedom back for her survival.

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avijit said...

lets hope the Dept acts sencebly & let Lakshmi hv her way!!!!