Monday, February 1, 2010


Kheechan is a village in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan where Demoiselle Crane comes in winter. I saw photographs of this place and since last few years it was on my wishlist . One morning Sunil and I drove to Kheechan. We had no ideas about their feeding place or anything but the moment you reach kheechan one can see the flocks flying in to one direction from all the side. We just followed them and reached to a place where more than a thousand birds were feeding in the compound. Someone from a nearby house asked us to come on his house roof for better view. What a view. I was completelty mesmerised.
Later on I saw thousands of birds landing on sand dunes and getting disturbed by people who uses these sand dunes as open toilet grounds.
Sevaram is trying to provide them a safer ground to live in Kheechan but without any monitoring help from from anyone. He is awarded for his work but as usual as it happens that awards are given to recognise the people and their work but not to support them in future .
He told me that he needs financial support to buy a vehicle to monitor these birds in the night. Presently he hires auto rickshaw to visit salt pan where these birds roost in the night.

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