Saturday, July 25, 2009

Snakes and Butterflies

No Rain since last three days. Nice to see that few jobs got done on the land. More plants are being planted. Still more needs to be planted. Rumour of park getting closed for three yrs for tourism made some people worried. Obiously majority of people in this village gets employment through tourism . I was talking to some forest officers and Rangers and we all agreed on point that in next ten years majority of parks will turn in to a safari park. There wont be any big game left out of National Parks. This is worrying?? If it happens then most of the people of my age should look for an alternative business for survival.
We, read Kay, worked hard on the land. Boys would have taken 15 days for this work which we did in one week. Kay found two wolf snakes in the kitchen. How they reached there?? First we thought they could be a pair and they are together for some valid reason. To save them from cats and staff they were put in a pillow cover. Mini was harassing a Striped Keelback so that one needed rescuing from her claw's. Today we released the Wolf Snake and Striped Keelback was released yesterday. They are still next to our rooms.
Butterfly numbers have increased in last few days. Lots of Emigrant, Pioneer, Gull, Lime Blue and Lime are seen in the garden. This morning I saw one Banded Awl feeding on Zinnia. Some good photos.


वन्दना अवस्थी दुबे said...

बहुत बढिया. तस्वीरें आपकी ही खींची हुई हैं न?

Avinash Upadhyay said...

Satyendra: Rumors of park getting closed? What reason can be for such thought?

I still am an optimist. May be the tiger will survive. I have an idea of emotionally tweaking someone very influential. If I start the effort, will you help me? Will you make other people of the Tala and adjoining villages join?


Bandhavgarh said...

Vandana ji,
Yes they are taken by me.